CBSE Board 10th Class Sample Papers 2015 – 10th Exams Questions

CBSE Board 10th Class Sample Papers 2015 | CBSE 10th Exam Questions Papers 2015 | CBSE 10th 2015 Sample Papers: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) one of the largest Board of Education for public and private schools in the nation has issued sample papers for class-10th & 12th 2015 board examination.

The exam will start from March 2, 2015 and end on April 17, 2015.The sample papers are made available for almost all important subjects in both classes.

This year, CBSE has made many changes in marking scheme and question paper pattern applicable from 2015 exam.

CBSE Board 10th Class Sample Papers 2015

These sample papers/ previous year question paper/ test papers should be exercised. This helps to figure out one’s strengths and weak points. Once, the candidates know their weak areas, they can fix them.

Also, the question papers should be solved within the time that is allowed in the examination hall, this will give an approximation of time management when coming out for the actual exam.

Some important guidelines and points that examinee should keep in mind while preparing for exam:

  • Don’t panic. Don’t drain your brain thinking about what’s going to happen. It is anyhow going to happen. Start with the subject you enjoy the most.
  • Create a plan for yourself. Which subject you are not well in? Which subject needs more practice? Plan a time table for yourself and follow to it.┬áDistribute enough time to all the subjects. Each subject is equally important. Make small targets and try to achieve them.
  • It is important to understand the concepts than just study intensively. If you understand the topics, it becomes easier to give them a shape during the exam. Revise it and then exercise as much as you can. Solve sample papers, test papers, last year question papers with full commitment.
  • Studying is important. But giving rest and sustenance to your body is equally important. Eat fruits, leafy vegetables, Drink juices, soups, green tea. However, coffee should be avoided as too much of caffeine is not good for health. Also, the body needs relax. According to a research, a human can retain only ten hours of study in a day.

NOTE: You can download sample papers in PDF format according to your class from official website of CBSE from

CBSE Board 10th 12th Class Sample Papers 2015

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